Prime Minister Modi to attend BRICS summit in China

New Delhi, 29 August 2017| Shrikant: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit China’s Xiamen to participate in the BRICS Summit from September 3-5. The Ministry of External Affairs reported this on Tuesday. 

The announcement of Modi’s participation in the BRICS summit has happened at a time when the deadlock ended between the 73 days between India and China on the issue of Docal’s day, and both countries removed their troops from this region. Were. 

The Foreign Ministry said, “On invitation of the President of China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the Shiainan region of Fujian province of China to participate in the 9th BRICS Summit from September 3 to 5.

After completing his visit to China, Modi will go on a state visit to Myanmar from September 5 to 7. They are going to Myanmar on the invitation of Myanmar President Yu Thin Kwa This will be the first bilateral Myanmar visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier, he went to Myanmar’s capital to participate in ASEAN Summit in 2014.


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