Indian tank out of competition in Russia due to malfunction

New Delhi, 13th August 2017|Shrikant: The Indian army, which was shocked by its military preparations and rhetoric, was disappointed when the country’s main combat tank T-90S tank had to withdraw from the international competition due to technical shortcomings. 

Indeed, these tanks of the Indian Army went to participate in the international competition in Russia ‘tank biathlon’ (tank biathlon 2017). 19 countries, including China, participated in the International Championships of war tanks. 

Official sources said that the Indian team could not reach the next stage after the disruption in its two T-90 tanks. This competition started on July 29 in Alabino Ranges. It was believed that the T-90S tanks made in Russia were quite strong and capable. In this competition, the warships of Russia, China, Belarus and Kazakhstan reached the finals.

Indian tank t90s

Telll you to know, ever since 2001, has been imported from Russia for 657 T-90’s Bhishma tanks in India Rs 8525 crore. After this these tanks are being made in India only. According to the information so far, they were out of competition due to the disturbances in the tank engine. These tanks had performed brilliantly in the opening round.


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