Fan from Dubai sends Aamir Khan a cake of Rs. 25 Lakh

 New Delhi, 11th August 2017| Shailja: At the request of client in Dubai the cake artists  have created the worlds most expensive edible cake to help to celebrate  the Indian Independence Day.  

It took 3.5 weeks ti create this work if art.  This person is a crazy fan of Aamir Khan.  We are honoured to see such people all over the world.  All the 3 Khan`s are being loved in Dubai.  And one of the fan of Aamir Khan has proved it.  This cake is said to be the most costly and biggest cake till now.  The speciality of this cake is that it is based on the scene of Dangal movie where Aamir Khan is teaching her Daughters. Bakery has said that they can even eat it and it is the biggest cake made ever.  It’s weight is 54 kg and 1200 people has made this cake possible. 


The client  wanted to built something that reflect the common man struggle.  The client who is a patriot and believes in Women’s Right loved Dangal.


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