Class 7 kid has allegedly  tried to commit suicide,  Blue whale game challenge angle suspected.

New Delhi|11th August 2017 |Shailja: Class 7 kid in Indore has tried to commit suicide,  linked to the game Blue Whale.  The deadliest game  started from Ruse has now reached Indore.  To complete the last level of this game, this 7 class student was ready to jump from the roof of the school.  

Not only this but a student in Mumbai has already committed suicide because of the game.  Even one of the student in Bhopal  has wounded  himself just for this game,  who was later got admitted  in the hospital. 

A 7 class student of Chameli Public School,  was ready to jump from 3 floor in the morning.  He was ready to jump but his classmates caught him and pull him back and saved him.  When school did counceling  of that student then he revealed  about the last task of Blue Whale Game. 

He said, “If i didn’t attempt my last task then they would have killed my parents”. 

His friends told that when he came to school he started crying and keeps in saying that he will kill himself.  At that point of time his friends were in fear of this accident. 


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